Thermo Burn Protein

When the goal is to get completely shredded, we all need as much help as possible. This is where Muscle Nutrition's Thermo Burn Protein, Australia's most potent result driven fat shredding protein shake is required. Packed with 16 active ingredients that have been backed by decades of research.  Thermo-Burn Protein has been engineered to give you extreme results!

Thermo Burn Protein? utilizes a scientifically engineered multi-platform ingredients and technology to stimulate the enzymatic response involved in thermogenesis and the fat-uncoupling process.  In other words, this one-of-a-kind fat shredding-thermogenic protein shake works through several processes to ensure extreme effectiveness and maximum-strength while tasting great.

Increases Thermogenesis with Every Dose

In each serve of this advanced fat shredding-thermogenic protein shake,you get a generous serve of Muscle Nutrition's ultra premium multi-functional protein blend consisting of three individual proteins each with varying digestive rates. You also get an additional 13 extra active ingredients, many of which have been backed by third-party studies.  The result of this is a superior formula with several key drivers shown to initiate thermogenesis and increase your body's fat-breakdown hormones triggering a powerful thermogenic response, which leads to an accelerated metabolism for increased calorie-burning.

Thermogenesis is an important process for anyone wanting to shred body fat. Thethermogenesis sequence accelerates metabolic rate, as a result, it generates heat. The greater the thermogenic response, the more calories you are able to burn, that is why it is important to consume the correct amount of active thermogenic ingredients to assist in lifting your thermogenesis - Thermo Burn Protein? Xtreme Series has been designed to do this.

Immediately after consuming Thermo Burn Protein?, your muscles are flooded with a superior 15 minute fast release Ultra Micro-filtered Whey Protein Isolate providing you support to assist with retention of hard earned muscle during dieting while supplying critical nutrients while assisting with balancing your blood sugar levels.

Whilst the WPI is being absorbed, the multi-platform active ingredients and technology to stimulate the enzymatic response involved in thermogenesis and the fat-uncoupling process are at work;

Curb Hunger and Appetite Whilst Shredding Fat!

By now Citrin® (Hydroxy Citric Acid), the multi benefit thermo king ingredient has started to convert your carbohydrates to glycogenenabling it to be used as energy while suppressing your appetite to reduce food intake and boost metabolism whilst assisting with "rebound" weight gain. 

ForsLean® (Forskohlin) has started to assist with breaking down triglycerides - a process known as lipolysis. When Fors Lean® has completed the lipolysis process of stored fat, it then prepares the body to transport the fat to a working muscle where it is to be used to provide energy.

Now the L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine is transferring your fatty acids into mitochondria to produce energy and assist with burning fat, later it will also assist the multi-functional proteins with reducing hunger.  

Chromium Picolinate is designed and added to enhance your body's insulin levels, improving the uptake of glucose, thereby causing better blood circulation and maintenance of blood sugar levels, again further assistance with gaining energy and burning fat with greater ease.

Inositol & Choline are also working together to aid in the breakdown of fats, they transport the breaking down fat throughout the body while preventing them accumulating in the liver, thus stimulating and increasing your metabolism.
Fabenol® (Phaseolus Vulgaris) is an alpha-amylase inhibitory extract indirectly helpful in weight loss due to inhibition of sugar assimilation, through inhibiting starch breakdown.  It allows complex carbohydrates a better chance of travelling through the body without being assimilated, allowing it to be excreted from the body instead of being converted into stored fat.


Unmatched in Potency, Qualoty, Results & Taste

Green tea is used in Thermo Burn Protein? to assist the body to increase beneficial intestinal flora, it also is being used to increase antioxidant levels whilst further assisting with the weight loss process.

The L-Tyrosine has been added to assist with the primary function of reducing body fat and suppressing your appetite. L-Tyrosine is also a precursor for the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline, which is possible to lift your mood, memory, alertness and concentration while also helping the body adapt and cope with the effects of physical stress.
Hours after the multi-platform active ingredients involved in thermogenesis and the fat-uncoupling process, the second protein, Whey Protein Concentrate a sustained release protein that feeds your muscles over a 3 hour period go to work.  The third protein source Calcium Caseinate, a slowly absorbed rich protein source that continues to "drip-feed" your muscles for an incredible 7 hours, offering a strong anti-catabolic effect while assisting to keep your cravings and hunger away finishes the protein synthesis.

Among the most beneficial and effective ingredients in Thermo Burn Protein is the essential BCAA's, Leucine, Isoleucine and Vailine.  In every single serve of Thermo Burn Protein? your muscles are flooded with 11 grams of essential BCAA's that are playing an important role in the protein synthesis, anabolism and anti-catobilism.  Without this rush of BCAA's, your muscles won't heal as fast or grow.This flooding of BCAA's will assist with giving improvement in performance and faster muscle growth during your next extended period of exercise and less muscle loss whilst on your fat shredding regime.

L-Glutamine is quite possibly one the most important amino acids for hard trainers and that is exactly why in each serve of Thermo Burn Protein? you get 9grams. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells, itis released from the muscle during times of stress such as hard weight training, intense exercise and dieting.  L-Glutamine is a great anti-catabolic agent that protects the muscle from the catabolic activities of the hormone cortisol, which is considered to be a contributor to muscle cell volume.

Thermo Burn Protein? is part of Muscle Nutrition's scientifically advanced Xtreme Series, and that is why the final ingredient we add to this advanced engineered multi-platform protein formula is the cutting-edge

Bioperine® absorption system, an extract utilized to give the body an increased metabolic process, creating "demand" for "supply" of all the nutrient's and ingredients in Thermo Burn Protein?.  In a nut shell, Bioperine® gives you a more efficient path for nutrients and ingredients to be transported into the blood - no wasted nutrients or ingredients ensuring that the Thermo Burn® Xtreme Seriesformula is fully released and absorbed into your system fast for maximum results.


The advanced blend of all these key ingredients delivers you a Powerhouse Fat Shredding-Thermogenic Protein

Not only does Thermo Burn Protein® produce unmatched fat shredding results and quality, its great taste makes it that much easier to want to have.  Thermo Burn Protein® can also be utilized as a healthy meal replacement.  It is perfect for rigorous training schedules and a hectic lifestyle that doesn't leave you feeling bloated; making it a great shake to be consumed several-times-a day.